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Fantastic Planet Film Festival 2014

Independent Spirit Award (Feature Film)
Kevin A. McCarthy 
OcularStorm Productions 


ToHorror Film Festival, Italy 2015

2nd place
Special Mention (Best Film)
Kevin A. McCarthy 
OcularStorm Productions 

"For the impeccable technical realization and the ability to revive the genre cinecomics through the extreme use of violence, of action and of the elements pulp".

Founded in 2011 by a clan of McCarthy's from Portsmouth, Rhode Island. In 2015 OcularStorm Productions went on to produce their first feature 'Crazed', an award winning action/horror that was accepted to 12 international festivals including Sitges Film Festival, MonsterFest and even in their home state at the Flickers Rhode Island International Festival.

Currently run by Kevin A McCarthy and his wife Lauren, OcularStorm Productions will be the creative force behind the Dark Escape Film Festival. 


'AKA' FURY: The Tales of Ronan Pierce



The making of/behind the scenes Featurette

Get inside the head of brothers Kevin and Michael McCarthy as they discuss the making of their feature film 'CRAZED' 

Fury: the tales of ronan pierce

This was our original trailer and title for the first cut of the movie (91 min, 2.35:1) which was shown at all the various festivals in the fall of 2015. We then went on to shoot new footage in 2016 and re-edited the film slightly to be released as CRAZED in the fall of 2016 (98 minutes, 16:9).

A pulsating tale of justice from the dark alleys of Harbor City, one vigilante cop rises to avenge his family to the soundtrack of bloody vengeance.  

 Produced by: Kevin A McCarthy & Michael McCarthy

Written by: Kevin A McCarthy & Michael McCarthy

Directed by: Kevin A McCarthy

Edited by: Kevin A McCarthy


Accepted to 12 International Film Festivals